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Simple Solutions for Collective Thinking

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Compare and contrast the different forms of online advertising. What factors should a company consider in deciding among these different forms?


Compare positioning based on benefits to positioning based on beliefs and values. Which is stronger?


Bert's Bees: Does Burt's Bees pricing strategy truly differentiate it from the competition?


Bert's Bees: Has Burt's Bees executed value-based pricing, cost-based pricing, or competition-based pricing? Explain.


Bert's Bees: Discuss how Burt's Bees has implemented product-mix pricing strategies.


Bert's Bees: Could Burt's Bees have been successful as a natural product marketer had it employed a low-price strategy? Explain.


Google: Based on information in this chapter, identify major similarities and differences between the new-product development process at Google versus that ...


Google: Is Google's product-development process customer centered? Team based? Systematic?


Google: Considering the product life cycle, what challenges does Google face in managing its product portfolio?


Google: Is there a limit to how big Google's product portfolio can grow? Explain.


Zip Car: Evaluate Zipcar based on benefit-oriented positioning.


Zip Car: Describe the beliefs and values associated with Zipcar's brand image.


Zip Car: Comparing the positioning based on benefits to positioning based on beliefs and values. Which is stronger?


Zip Car: Based on what you know about the Zipcar brand, how will the company perform in the future relative to bigger, more experienced competitors?


Darden: Using segmentation variables, describe how Darden segments and targets the sit-down dining market.

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